1 to 1 & school yoga sessions now available Repton, Bretby, Swadlincote, Newhall, Woodville, Burton on Trent, Willington, Milton, Newton Solney, Hatton

yoga (yo'ga) n - Sanskrit word meaning union. Hindu system of meditation aiming at union of devotee's soul with the universal spirit.


Benefits of Dru Yoga

This deeply spiritual ancient Indian tradition combining exercise and meditation has been adopted by the Western World as a means of reducing stress and promoting mobility, flexibility, vitality and confidence. Yoga is beneficial for everyone, regardless of age or level of fitness.

Your body is designed to cope with short term stress but problems can begin when chronic (long term) stress sets in. There can be a variety of causes of this, work, bereavement, financial ... Whatever the cause, Dru Yoga or other alternative forms of treatment can help in most cases.

Olga runs yoga classes and one-to-one home yoga sessions in Derby, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Staffordshire that are ideal for novice and experienced, young, old and all shapes and sizes. And remember it's not just for the ladies.

In particular, young people at school suffer from many pressures, with both academic and emotional bugs. And remember your staff of course, they feel the stress as well! Olga runs school yoga courses and would love to hear from you if your school is committed to the well being of teachers and pupils. Dru yoga can help them to manage their daily feelings in a positive way, instilling an inner strength that can leave them free to achieve their potential.The philosophy of yoga is non-competitive and non-stressful and can help you, your children or your pupils and staff to:

  • establish patterns of deep relaxation
  • establish a feeling of radiance and inner peace
  • help to ease muscle tension
  • calm nerves and reduce feelings of stress


"Yoga works best when practised daily, even for as little as 10 minutes. My intention is to make sessions as enjoyable and pleasant as possible so that you will feel inspired to practice your yoga regularly"

In Dru yoga, flowing movement sequences, mudra (hand gestures), visualisation and affirmation combine to create a profound sense of well-being, peace and balance in your emotions. Mudras are used to re-direct energy flow and enhance inner qualities. The flow of movement without locking the joints tones and keeps the physical body healthy and also creates a flow in your thoughts and feelings, rigidity dissolves in both our mind and body. Visualisation and affirmations are a powerful medium for achieving your goals in life and for focusing the well-being you experience through the yoga back out into the world. Dru yoga is a gentle form of yoga - none of these impossible positions done by over thin and flexible people in leotards! You could also try out Hatha Yoga as well, Hatha yoga is a part of Dru Yoga.

There are other forms of alternative (complementary) treatments for stress. Olga is also a practitioner of over 20 years standing Therapeutic Massage, Aromatherapy and Reflexology.

Olga Collins offers Dru yoga sessions for adults and young people in Derby and Derbyshire as well as other locations around the UK. Classes available at Repton on Wednesday evenings with therapeutic massage in Derby on Thursdays and Fridays. Home visits also available. Please contact Olga to find out more.

One to one yoga sessions, reflexology, aromatherapy and therapeutic massage now available Repton, Bretby, Swadlincote, Newhall, Woodville, Burton on Trent, Willington, Milton, Newton Solney, Hatton in addition to Derby, Allestree, Mickleover, Littleover, Elvaston, and other Suburbs of Derby and Burton-on-Trent area.

Several clients have mentioned that yoga helps them to manage their medical conditions for example:

"I have found Dru yoga has helped to keep my asthma at bay it helps control breathing by breathing deeply and slowly I can feel where the breath comes from" (see also comments from clients page)

To contact Olga to arrange a Dru Yoga session for you or your children please ring: 07939 063 322 or email.

Please note, I offer genuine therapeutic massage, I am not in any way linked to sex sites, swinger sites or brothels that masquerade as massage parlours!

Olga Collins IHBC DSR IFA
Mobile 07939 063 322


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