aromatherapy massage (aroma'therapy mas'sage) n - the treatment of anxiety or minor medical conditions by rubbing pleasant-smelling natural oils into the skin or breathing in their smell. An alternative complementary treatment to medicines.

Therapeutic Massage

To contact Olga now to arrange your therapeutic massage please ring 07939 063 322 - GIFT VOUCHERS FOR YOGA, THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE AND REFLEXOLOGY NOW AVAILABLE.

Therapeutic massage is just about the most relaxing experience on Earth, some even say it is better than red wine or even chocolate! The comfort and warmth of touch during a therapeutic massage can stimulate your body's natural healing, restoring and relaxing your psychological and physical sides. A good therapeutic massage will make you feel better instantly. Feeling better will make you treat yourself better and treat the world better too.

Therapeutic massage is ideal for you if work is causing your stress, if you are trying to rebuild your life after a bereavement, if you are caring for someone who is ill, if you are waiting for treatment or trying to recover from medical treatment and so on. Many of my clients do not fall into any of these categories but simply enjoy the peaceful feeling of well-being that it promotes.

Many problems respond well to massage including headaches, back pain, nervous tension to name but a few. Other advantages include:

  • Helps reduces muscular aches and pains, back and leg problems
  • Reduction of stress related disorders
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Aids digestion
  • Encourages sleep and helps to prevent insomnia
  • Promotes well-being during pregnancy
  • Gives relief to migraine sufferers

"Therapeutic massage and aromatherapy are essential tools in your battle against the stresses, aches and pains brought on by a busy lifestyle"

"Alternative (complementary) forms of treatment to stress are becoming more popular and respected. Therapeutic massage is a viable alternative for those not wanting to depend on stress relieving drugs"

A flowing massage using various techniques and pressures worked either over the whole body or parts of body depending on the individual requirements.

Massage is perfect for helping to reduce the symptoms of stress. Your body is designed to cope with short-term stress; the problems arise when it is subjected to chronic (long term) stress. In stress-related conditions, a reduced blood flow is created. This fails to cleanse the toxins from muscle cells, resulting in an increase in muscular tension. We often feel ‘knots’ or adhesions that hold the muscle tight which in turn restricts our movement and often cause pain.

This has a negative effect on the body and reinforces symptoms of stress; it can also render other forms of stress-relief ineffective.

Massaging an area of soft tissue increases suppleness and elasticity of the skin, it also helps in the reduction of toxins. Deep tissue work helps to ‘break down’ our knotted areas and release tension in muscles, which will increase mobility and fluidity.

Your session will be unique as you are. You may need very deep work or very light touch, Olga will use her skills and knowledge to find the best for you at that given time.

During the massage you will be fully covered with a towel and blanket and only the area to be worked will be exposed, so warmth and comfort are paramount aiding in the promotion of relaxation.

The treatment time is one hour or an hour and a half to suit your requirements.

Olga Collins offers one-to-one yoga at home, reflexology, therapeutic massage and aromatherapy sessions in Derby, Repton, Mickleover, Littleover, Allestree, Chellaston, Breadsall, Little Eaton, Burton, Melbourne areas as well as wider locations around the country. Olga also works from the Woodlands Natural Health Centre in Derby.

Please note, I offer genuine therapeutic massage, I am not in any way linked to sex sites, swinger sites or brothels that masquerade as massage parlours!

To book a session, or to discuss aromatherapy or other therapeutic treatments please contact:
Olga Collins IHBC DSR IFA
Mobile 07939 063 322


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