Comments from my client's feedback forms.


"I find yoga an excellent way to get that ‘feel good’ factor it helps me to feel energised, supple, refreshed and it helps me to relax. I have enjoyed starting yoga again and will try hard to use my self discipline to keep it up and even practise at home. I have not done dru yoga before but so far have found I like the way postures are linked together to make a flowing movement."


I have going to yoga classes on and off for about thirty years, I have also been to tai chi classes. I’ve been attending Olga’s class for nearly three years and have found that the dru yoga way of doing many of the postures very helpful. I have increased mobility of my shoulder joints and have made some progress with my hip joints, I particular enjoy the energy release sequences.


"With yoga there is always more to the stretch more flexibility to be attained. There is always deeper relaxation and goodness needed. In yoga you can see how far you have come yet how far you still have to go. Monday nights help with this life long journey"

When I heard about the dru yoga class I thought I would love to go but I didn’t really want to go alone. But I decided to take the plunge and was very glad I did. I will never forget the feeling I had going home that evening in the car it was such a calmness and feeling that is hard to explain. I just wanted it to stay with me. Yoga was something I always wanted to do for a long time but just never got round to it.

The benefits to me are being more supple and able to control stress and it helps with a painful back that I have had on and off for years. But the most important benefit is that I don’t seem to think about my past a lot as before but instead look to the future.I think you would call it inner healing. I hope that yoga will be a bigger part of my life as time goes on and I am sure I will be a better person for it.


I consider myself very lucky to have joined my local dru yoga class, it has certainly made a difference to my life at several different levels.

At a purely physical level it has meant that I no longer take medication for arrhythmia and of course I am much more flexible.I now have a general feeling of well being most of the time. I used to be fairly stressed out teacher but I now find that I am much calmer and much more patient both in and out of the classroom. Because I now feel calmer and more energised I am able to be more compassionate to others.

At a spiritual level I feel that I am rediscovering my inner self and experiencing many more moments of real peace and acceptance.


I was feeling a bit ‘off it’ and feeble on account of my inner ear disorder which tends to bother me at this time of year and I nearly decided not to go to yoga, however once there I almost immediately felt better and went home feeling relaxed and peaceful and my ear felt calm. I always feel relaxed during and after Dru yoga ...


Yoga to me is 1 ½ hours to leave the modern hectic world behind and to redress the balance. On leaving the class the sense of calm peace and joy is wonderful and keeps you going through the week until the door can be closed on the world for another 1 ½ hours.


I have found Dru yoga has helped to keep my asthma at bay it helps control breathing by breathing deeply and slowly I can feel where the breath comes from.



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I find that through dru yoga I gain spiritual and physical well being. The other classes I have attended have concentrated on physical movement and trying to perfect positions. I know that in dru yoga we are still trying to perfect positions but I find my mind is concentrating on what is right for me. I like the fact that we are encouraged to think positively whilst practising positions and movements.

As well as the advantages of feeling supple and in better physical shape than I would do if I did not do yoga, I do feel more positive, relaxed and more at ease with the fact that my body is getting older and aches and pains can be coped with.


Just to say that this was an absolutely fantastic day. Everyone really enjoyed it. Olga is a superb instructor. We learned lots and also had the opportunity to sample some massages for ourselves. Brilliant! Thanks!


It was great to have the week off last Thursday and to have someone else organise the girls. The reaction of the guides was amazing and the calming effect very evident. Self esteem issues were covered in a sympathetic manner and everyone achieved. I was able to walk the next day and in fact felt rather good.

Tracey, 1st Hilton guides

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